For adults and children:

Discovering furniture 

Louis XV or Louis XVI style ? Empire style ? Fauteuil or cabriolet armchair ? Discover the history and styles of furniture during your visit of the castle and its collections.

Duration : 1h00 – guided tour.

A history of painting

An 8-century timeline of painting history spanning from the Italian primitives to the Renaissance, 17th and 18th century up to the Romantics. Follow our guide into a fascinating travel through the history and marvels of the Trélon castle art collection.

Duration : 1h30 – guided tour.

Europe in the 19th century

King Louis-Philippe, the July Monarchy, the Belgian revolution, Queen Victoria, trembling and ever-changing political regimes mark this century, which hesitated between imperialism, monarchism and republicism. Through its history, owners and collections, the Trélon castle is a perfect symbol of Europe in the 19th century.

Duration : 1h30 – guided tour.

Architecture from the Middle Ages to the 19th century

The Trélon catsle is a wonderful book of architecture. Through its history and archives, our travel will begin in the Middle Ages and end in the 19th century, when the castle acquired its current status.

Duration : 1h30 – guided tour.

Coming soon : A history of costumes